Summer Hillsdale race canceled

Unfortunately, our summer race in Hillsdale, Michigan will not be possible due to several overlapping dates. We look forward to seeing everyone at our second Hillsdale race in September!Bob VanOver

Propwash for October 2014

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Final Lap Demo Article

This article is not about any person in particular. It is meant to demonstrate the appearance of a Final Lap article, which are published when a club member or close friend of the club has passed away. It has slightly different styling and is meant to draw attention to itself without being too distracting from the rest of the website.

An article like this may show a map to a funeral home for a viewing, if appropriate. To demonstrate this capability, a map has been included. This capability also appears on event pages.

View larger map

2014 special awards voting

The IOA racing season has come to a close and now we are starting to plan for our annual meeting and banquet in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Part of that includes awards for people who helped make the IOA’s season a great one. All 2014 IOA members are encouraged to vote and to explain their nominations and votes. This makes it easier for the board to make the final decisions.

Please vote as soon as you can. The poll closes at midnight EDT on the night of Saturday, October 11. Head over to the poll and vote now!

Two more races in 2014

The IOA and its members have had an amazing racing season so far, but it’s not over yet! Come join us for our final two events this year, Hillsdale, Michigan and Alexandria, Kentucky!

We would like to thank everyone for helping to make our events run smoothly.